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Personal Live Readings by Debbie

     Debbie has been fortunate this lifetime in that her ancient energies as a priestess of Isis have been reactivated to enable her to see into the etheric planes and heal using timeless Egyptian methods.

The message is simple, ask and you shall receive. When you ring Debbie for a reading she will ask for your date of birth to enable her to tune in to you. From there Debbie uses Tarot cards and clairvoyance (seeing) to give an accurate reading and to answer your questions. The focus is on the present, how the past contributes to this and the possibilities for the future.

Debbie connects with her guides and your guides to impart wisdom and guidance from the spiritual plane.Of all the healing methods on the Earth plane today the spoken word still holds a special power. When Debbie connects with your guides and speaks their truth to you the feeling is a wonderful healing balm..Your Spirit heals. She speaks to your essence so the reading is spirit to spirit as well as the human connection.Debbie is available for private one on one consultations in New Zealand as well as live phone readings.

When you call Debbie, you will speak directly with her, and only her.
This is not a recorded service, it is live, personal, and genuinely aimed to meet your needs.



Call 0900 53317

for credit card appts 0800 452 295

Available from 9.00am to 9.00pm 7 days a week!
Calls cost $3.20 per minute, plus GST.

Please be sure that  you are the person
responsible for the telephone account, and over 18 years of age.
Enquiries: P.O. Box 109 Wellsford Phone 027 279 9929



Debbie, Daughter of the Moon, is a founding member of the
Information Providers Association of New Zealand. "0900 IPANZ"
This is a professional organisation, intent on ensuring that telephone callers receive the best in service, consistency and ethics from it's members.