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     Numerology Debbie uses the Chaldain System of numerology with your date of birth. Numerology can be used on your name however many peoples names change . The date of birth is a powerful key into your life purpose and how to achieve this. Your personality can also be analysed very easily using numerology. Numerology can show us the easy path. Numerology helps us understand and fine tune our relationships with any other person in our lives. Debbie is able to give very in depth information in the first few minutes of the reading using numerology. Here is a very brief outline of the numbers and the experience possible from your date of birth.

1   Freedom to be yourself. To express yourself, to sing and dance and laugh. To travel and meet new people. Ones have earn't the right to enjoy life, usually due to past lives that have been difficult.

2   Emotional, sensitive, healing the emotions. Allowing the emotions to work for you. Many 2’s are artistic and creative. Learning to use the emotions in a positive way, eg, determination and motivation to make creativity happen.

3   Is all about relationships and communicating and fine tuning all relationships with all people in life. Relating honestly and with love ..getting it “right”. Setting boundaries and knowing about self through inter actions with others.

4   Innocent, brave, strong, lovable. Needs praise for their hard work and achievements. Learning about the physical plane , nature, money, technology, Needs good honest professional advice in worldly dealings. Learning about intuition.

5   Strong willed, stubborn, determined, energetic, creative. Looking for physical and spiritual balance in life. Good with their hands, creative and good at hands on healing eg massage.

6   Is all about truth, balance and justice. Honest and good with words, great communicators, speakers and writers, very intelligent and seek mental information. Can mediate and match people up with others, intermediaries.

7   The mystical number. Charismatic and charming. Friendly people with a lot to heal. Often past life wounds that need healing incarnate. Good at visualizing and inventing, designers. Help others feel good about themselves.

8   Business, money, getting things done. Inner strength, leaders. Can be inflexible and learning to listen to others. Here to make money and get things done and show others how to do the same. Lead by example.

9   Humanitarians, guardians of the earth. A very complex number as experiencing life on three levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. Can do and achieve almost anything, guiding lights for others.

10   is number 1

11   sensitive, headstrong, very loving and lovable. Lucky number, eleven’s have a special glow that others see and often they themselves do not. Learning self love and protection on all levels.  


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